My name is Ellouise Schoettler. I am a professional storyteller – which should not be a surprise to me or anyone that knows me or my family. You see, I was born in North Carolina to a family with strong Irish roots. 
In my father’s family blarney courses through our veins along with the blood.
Daddy was one of eight siblings. They all loved words and wielded them skillfully to make a world of stories about each other. I loved being around them – especially his five sisters and I learned to emulate them as best I could. 
Today I relish every opportunity to be with all their off-springs – all who carry on their joy with words and storytelling. 
My children and grandchildren are also extremely facile with words which makes our gatherings very interesting. It is no wonder I tell family stories and build stories from geneology and local history.
In July this year I turn 75 – a venerable age. I am amazed by it. And a bit stunned by how swiftly the years have passed. Its not that I feel any different – in fact I feel much the same – inside – as I have since I was about 16. Isn’t that odd? 
Now – at 75 -  it is time to get my ducks in a row,  to gather the stories of  my life – myself.
I think of My Diamond Jubilee as a CELEBRATION as well as an adventure in collecting stories.
My mother lived to be 92 and there are others equally long-lived in my immediate family “lines” – so I am optimistic that I will be looking at the past, the present and the future.
This website is part of the “process”. It will not be a finished document. Its a “thinking” tool.
  • On the BLOG I will enter “bits of memory as they occur to me and will include pictures from the past. Yes, its about me – sorry but it also includes the history I have lived through.
  • The TIME-LINE is my guide for ruminating and collecting the bits. Because memories float it will change too as I pinpoint other dates that were/are important and should be included.
  • The TOUR keeps tabs on where and when I am telling stories which fall under the DIAMOND JUBILEE umbrella.
That’s the agenda. Hope you will stop by from time to time to see how things are going – and no matter how old you are – and that you will record and tweak some memories of your own.